Faculty of Science - AL Faisaliah Campus

Deanship Overview

Overview of Deanship :
The Deanship is mainly concerned with managing the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the Faculty, in accordance with the Higher Education Council's regulation. The Deanship assumes as well the chairmanship of the Faculty's board.

To maximize the level of the Faculty, through providing the best performance as to be featured with the speedy and accurate administrative and financial transactions and offering the students the best educational services at all stages.

To elevate the performance of the Faculty in order to compete up the developments witnessed at the KAU through providing the best services to all such members of the Faculty as the teaching staff, administrators and technicians, as well as the students themselves


  1. Fulfilling the Kingdom's needs of qualified national cadres in all fields and applications of science.
  2. Fulfilling the Kingdom's needs of all kinds of academic and applied research.
  3. Contributing at having the foreign sciences Arabicized and recomposed.
  4. Providing the academic and technical services and consultancies in all sorts of scientific

Units Affiliated:

  1. Dean's office.
  2. Consultant and executive committees.
  3. College board.

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