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Sciences Faculty for Girls overview

Women's education has received an abundant portion of both support and interest. This is factually obvious in the expansion witnessed unto such women's faculties as the Faculty of Education in Jeddah, which was mainly founded in 1394/1395 AH. This foundation has aimed at providing the female students with the valuable sorts of knowledge in both life and faith, qualifying specialist cadres both theoretically and practically in all sorts of knowledge. It has aimed, as well, at having these cadres burdened with a positive role in the academic fields of research and composition, which all contributes, effectively, at both the societal service and development, and academic and cultural awareness.

This Faculty of Education for Women / Sciences in Jeddah is deemed as one of the most considerable bases of higher education in Saudi Arabia. It consists in several postgraduate programs, which have been working up since 1398, with the graduation of the first (twenty-three-student) batch of holders of diploma. The first batch of master, then, was registered in 1399/1400 AH, and the first female student was registered in 1402/1403 AH for the doctoral degree.

The College majors following the bachelor stage, namely:

1 - Mat
ematics Department.
2 - Physics Department.
3 -Chemistry Department.
4 - Biology Department.

Degrees and certificates granted by the Sciences Faculty for Girls :

Awarded a bachelor's degree in science and education in the disciphlines : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The college offers degrees in various disciplines Graduate include the following:

1. Master's degree.
2. Doctor's degree.

Our Vision:

Be Uniqe in the educational process and scientific research and leadership in the application of total quality.

Our Mission:

Provision of basic science through educational programs are approved and distinguished scientific cadres and the global standard for qualifying graduates to contribute to building knowledge society.

Our Goals :

1- Meet the needs of the kingdom of qualified national cadres in the areas of basic science.
2- Meet the needs of the kingdom of the research and scientific studies and applied fabricated.
3- Contribute to the localization of science throughout authorship, translation, publishing, to transfer the technology.
4- Providing scientific and technical services in various different scientific areas.

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