Faculty of Science - AL Faisaliah Campus

Vice Dean's Message

The construction and development of communities begins with the founding and establishment of universities and colleges as the essential foundation and cornerstone of the enormous construction who aspire to nations, and the Faculty of Science for Girls one of the colleges that were created to be a monument scientifically distinct aims to prepare a generation of armed science students, aspiring to build a country under changes, and the present circumstances, and in line with scientific progress and civilization witnessed by the world, to keep up with scientific standards developed under the commitment to national educational policy and enforcement trends and aspirations of the state.

Also the college in the present time witness a dynamic movement to accommodate future developments, was the embodiment of a university strategy in building community partnership, and build system of total quality, and achieve academic accreditation, and under the careful management of the College urged its staff to get to compete scientifically sophisticated transforms advantage where the relative to competitive advantage.

To accomplish the vision and mission of King Abdulaziz University, the College aspires to occupy a prominent place locally and globally and to be comparable to the best science faculties in universities. In order to achieve this vision, the Faculty of Science for Girls is keen on creating a learning environment characterized by a university to provide support for students and the academic and administrative.

As part of that this website who illustrate the college, programs and services provided as a bridge of communication between students, faculty, administration and a means for communication of internal and external, and academically way to provide all the services that the staff need.

We hope to have this site on the Web as a window on the reality of our college and what we aspire to the developmental aspirations and goals in all areas of academic, research and community service.

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